the idea

You know those old postcards in the bottom of your drawer? The movie tickets, that burnt CD with songs written in sharpie, your ex’s shirt you said you couldn’t find but just wanted to keep sleeping in?

Let them go.

We all have baggage. We can’t let go because what-could-have-been takes on a life of its own. It’s a past manifested, another you in another time – and that still matters. But everything changes. So come memorialize that thing you can’t let go of, come to terms with it, celebrate it. But when you leave, leave with closure.

Santuario is a safe place to leave your hang-ups so you can move on freer and lighter. It gives you the opportunity to honor your traumas and things that never came to be surrounded by a supportive assortment of things that mean the world to other people. Stay for as long as you want, reminisce, you can even leave a confession or reflection if you like. In return for your sacred contribution (or for your support if you choose to just visit), you are welcome to take sand from the center of the installation as a symbol and celebration of change.

For more context, check out the stories section, this talk, and these three great articles.

This is a public event so please feel free to invite anyone and everyone who you think might benefit from the experience. Santuario works best the more meaning people give it!